Would Anyone Like To Own A motor vehicle That Ran On Water?

Are you fed up with seeing gas rates continue to increase to where they are almost $4 a gallon? The oil giants are becoming wealthier and wealthier by the day, while you have got to struggle more and more to load your tank, which you probably have to do to put bread on the table. Does a motor vehicle always have to run on gasoline, or can it be adapted to another, superior technique?

Through the years numerous products have been tested, but given that they infringe on oil revenue, the tests have been halted. A simple peek at the gas gauge is enough to make anybody wish for a more affordable way to run their car. A likely fantasy is cars that run on water – and there have been ads on the web not long ago for exactly that. A terrible joke – or maybe reality? Water includes hydrogen, and some visionary car manufacturers are doing R&D on cars powered by hydrogen.

As we recognize from nature, water is a literal powerhouse, so picturing a car run on the conversion of hydrogen and oxygen through water pressure is not that difficult. Since the public is not aware of cars like this, it seems a wish – but don’t be fooled, they exist right now. Before the electric vehicle came to be used by the public,it was more than 20 years. If today you choose the Smart Car of America, which runs on electric energy solely, there is a waiting list of over a year. There’s no doubt concerning the desire to find a substitute for gasoline cars.

Quite some time previously, a conveniently affordable form of energy for cars was petrol, and for houses so was natural gas. Both types have consistently gotten higher, and gas has triggered lots of pollution. The guys who get blamed a lot, because they drew our attention to the problem, are the environmentalists, but actually we should thank them because our air is a lot better than it would have been otherwise. They made sure that the world’s supply of air and water stayed relatively clean, but had to suffer the pain of name-calling and ridicule in the process. The addition of ethanol to gas causes it to operate cleaner, and who do we have to thank because of this discovery but these folk. We have to do much more, though, because oil prices, high as they are already, keep going up, and the significant portion of our oil needs are met by foreign suppliers.

Imagine cutting out oil from abroad entirely, which would be feasible if a car that ran on hydrogen and oxygen combustion was successfully created. How wonderful it sounds to talk about a car that operates on ordinary tap water. Cars that can run on hydrogen are already being experimented on by both Ford and also Chevy. Expect an enormous waiting list whenever their hydrogen-powered vehicles are finally introduced, many years from now.

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