The Actual Hybrid Car Experience

The Japanese constructors are finding an effective strategy to deal with the increasing costs of the polluting cars: the hybrid car, a concept that was also adopted by some European constructors.

There are actually fifteen naval ships that do more harm to the environment when compared with all 750 million cars that exist on the road today. It’s unbelievable that one giant transport ship is able to contaminate the environment as fifty million cars. Despite that, the governing bodies’ main attention is reducing the pollution in the cities than in the oceans. In 1990, Toyota came up with the idea of a hybrid car. They needed to create a car that did not pollute the environment. Toyota came up with the Prius that is certainly a revolutionary car but hasn’t caught on world wide due to the price.

Despite the fact that the Prius continues to be breaking sales records in the United States, it has been struggling in the European and Japanese markets. The main percentage of hybrid car sales in countries in Europe is almost identical to high end luxury cars at less than 1%.

Europe overall are not very eager to adopt hybrid cars. The buyers are not inspired to buy those cars and often they are also high priced. The only “bonus” that people get is a decrease in the pollution levy. On the other hand, the difference between the selling prices of hybrids and other cars of the same dimensions and performances are significant.

Studies have indicated that the type of people that drive hybrids are people like doctors, lawyers and engineers. They appreciate these cars as a result of low gas consumption. To illustrate, the Lexus RX 450h has got 300 horse power but it uses up less than a common 1.4 liters car.

Most of the car companies have their own hybrid lines such as the EcoNetic for Ford, BlueMotion for Volkswagen, or the EcoFlex line of Opel. This trend is also observed in the case of diesel vs. gas. While diesel trucks and cars consume a smaller amount fuel per liter than gasoline cars, diesel fuel itself costs more per liter than regular gas. Statistics show that the majority of Europeans want to drive the more potent and cheaper gasoline car than a hybrid or diesel car.

Initially,Japan and the US were not fans of the initial batch of hybrid cars, like the Blutec model from Mercedes which were considered toxic. Interestingly, let’s remember the thousands of trucks from the 80′s, trucks that are still circulating on the roads of Europe and mostly America that must also be eliminated.

The next edition of the Prius gives off the same CO2 emission as the diesel Smart Car at 89 grams per kilometer but is a much bigger car. Added to that, the Prius is the only hybrid automobile that is able to go all-electric for about 1 kilometer at speeds around 50 kilometers and you could get this car for only 30,000 Euros.

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