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Best Selling Cars In India

In the recent years there are so many new car models entering the Indian car market. It has become very difficult for the buyers to choose a car when they plan to buy. There are many options for a car buyer. For instance in small car segment one can find so many options like Alto, Maruti 800, Chevrolet Spark, Hyundai i10, Santro, Zen Estillo, etc. So with so many options in the market the buyers are confused what to opt for. People keep buying new cars and replace old ones due to the floating economy, higher replacement demand, better market penetration, easy loans and even low interest rates. These factors lead the consumers to go for newer models.

In the recent times, there has been good number of sales in the country. A few decades back it was only the Premier Padmini, Ambassador or Contessa that were ruling Indian roads. However, today one can find ample number of cars. One or the other day there are new-car launches in the market. Today we can find cars from the cheapest car Nano-yet to launch to Mercedes Maybach. The aggressive competition offered way to pioneered marketing tactics and new tactics, assisting the consumers in a big way.

Some of the Top five cars from the Best selling Lot

Little Wonder Alto

Most well-accepted Alto was launched in the year 2004 and this compact car vroomed the Indian roads. This is another stable car from Maruti after the successful Maruti 800. Alto grabbed the attention of Indian buyers. There was good and cheap finance that increased the sale of the Alto.

Now the cute Alto is available in six models. All that it needs to do is maintain a safe place in the Indian roads and continue to give the best shot to the country. The main factor leading to enormous sales is the less maintenance cost and easy to drive on Indian roads.

Popular Tata Indica

The car that has changed the destiny of Tata Motor’s is the Indica. It is one of the 3rd best selling cars in India. Indica was actually rolled-out in 2000. However, the sales were not up to the mark. So finally they upgraded version of Indica V-2 (Version 2) was launched in 2001 and won millions of Indian hearts. Then came Vista with latest addition impressing every one. The attractive hatchback made a noteworthy place in the Indian market. The years passed by and the car craving increased. This car is very successful in the cab segment. Many cars are being used as cabs because it offers good mileage and easy to handle and drive in cities.

Elegant Honda City

The first Honda City was launched in India in the year 1997. The sedan became an overnight best-seller in the market. It is one of the best fuel-efficient cars in the mid-size segment. One can sense that Honda City was wholly manufactured for India and proves to be a typical Indian city car. The car comes with good performance, spacious interior, sporty look that has caught the Indian audience. It also came with the 2nd generation Honda and finally it has arrived with the third generation Honda City.

Honda City is completely designed to astound and stun people. This car has also bagged to be one of the best selling and well-accepted sedans in India.

Smart Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 has been one of the successful car and has made a good history in Indian roads. The cute car was launched on October 2007. The compact hatchback has made a remarkable pace and within such a less span of time it has been one of the fastest selling cars in the country. The car sales and demand for it is growing tremendously in India. It is designed with a host of attractive features and is said to be one of the best selling cars in Indian roads. Later i10 was upgraded with more powerful engine and rolled out i10 kappa.

The car offers a stylish look and also provides good mileage in city roads as well as highways. The demand for it is not only in domestic market, but also in the overseas market.

Sporty Maruti Suzuki Swift

Swift has made a successful journey on Indian roads. This brawny car was launched in 2005. Today it has become one of the best selling cars in the country. The unique compact hatchback offers the best driving experience and the demand for this car is increasing day by day. Even before the launch of the Swift, the bookings were in huge numbers. In addition, many of the consumers had to wait for a couple of months to get this seducing compact car.

With so many new launches the Swift plays an important role in the market and proves to be the best selling car in the country.