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3 Reasons to Own Three Wheel Motorcycles

A trike used to be a name we called a toddler learning tricycle, but three wheel motorcycles have changed. The tricycle has grown up and it has become three wheel motorcycles with style. Three wheel motorcycles, or trikes, are quickly becoming a trend among bikers. So why use these three wheel motorcycles?

1. More Stability.

With the added wheel, comes added security and stability. While three wheel motorcycles may have a name that makes them sound like a toddler’s toy, the truth is that three wheel motorcycles have a greatly added advantage in stability. Three wheel motorcycles takes the pressure off the driver to balance the motorcycle, it also takes the fear out of the driver when turning corners and getting down low to the ground. It can be scary coming within inches of touching the ground. The extra wheel can be added to the back or the front. Each one giving the three wheel motorcycles a unique look. But it is not just for looks. Having added stability means three wheel motorcycles are more likely to avoid accidents caused by balance and turns. Because of the position of the three wheel motorcycle wheels, this makes turning corners much safer. It turns almost like a car. Read more articles All You Need to Know About Three Wheel Motorcycles Motorcycle Accidents and Motorcycle Insurance Harley Builds 3-wheel Motorcycles – Harley Magazine Review of the 2009 Tri-glide Featuring Best in Motorcycle Windshields and Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

2 Better for passengers and hauling.

Having three wheel motorcycles means it is safer to take passengers. When it is safer for your passengers, we have more willing passengers. Usually parents are extremely worried about the safety of children on traditional motorcycles, but with three wheel motorcycles, there is a much smaller risk of anything happening due to balance and stability. This assists in hauling things too. Three wheel motorcycles have greater advantages in hauling motorcycle trailer units. The third wheel gives it added stability and thus, there is less chance for the trailer unit to pull the three wheel motorcycles down, or the weight be so much that it makes the three wheel motorcycle lose of control. This allows for the driver to have the three wheel motorcycles and the safety and stability all in one neat package. Because of this three wheel motorcycles design, there is more space for storage and there is better balance when adding more accessories. Just like two wheel motorcycles, designs can be added and the same accessories added to traditional motorcycles can be added to three wheel motorcycles. This includes graphics and heating elements as well. Three wheel motorcycles can be just as fun as two wheeled ones.

3. Unique look.

While the traditional trike or three wheel motorcycles are single wheel in the front with a double wheel in the back, many manufacturers are opting for a more unique design with two wheels in front and the single wheel in the back. This new look is unique and unique means desirable. One of the newest is the Spyder. These are three wheel motorcycles and they have the reverse trike look with the double wheel in back. Apparently the new three wheel motorcycles have been around a long time, but with their unique look and variety or colors and wheel positions, it is making them a very desirable motorcycle on the market.