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What is Car Liability Insurance

We all know that insurance comes in many guises.  Car liability insurance pays for any property or bodily damage a person may occur due to you hitting them with your car.  To legally be able to drive, you must have at least car liability insurance cover.  Different locations have different minimum liability insurance requirements.  

The so-called bodily injury liability insurance is in place to cover any injuries that may have been caused by you in an accident.  This car liability insurance also covers you and your listed family members when you are driving another person’s car with their permission.  But you can buy more than just this type of insurance.  In fact, many choose to do so since if you cause a serious accident, you could be sued for a lot of money.  You want as much protection as possible in that case.

You would also have to avail of property damage liability insurance.  This insurance will cover any property damage caused by an accident of your doing.  It includes other cars, buildings, and anything else that may be damaged in an accident, such as telephone poles, lamps, and fences.  

Car liability insurance is contrasted by comprehensive insurance, which covers much more.  Compared to car liability insurance comprehensive packages include covering the cost of the car if it is stolen or damaged by a fire, hail, vandalism, or anything other than a car collision.  Comprehensive insurance is, naturally, more expensive. At the end of the day though, having this insurance in place will afford you all the peace of mind you need.