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3 Top Speed Honda Motorcycles

Honda motorcycles have always been known for their speed. Of the top five touring motorcycles with the top speed, Honda motorcycles make up three of them. Just because they have the top speed in the touring category, doesn’t mean they are the fastest. These are only the ones with the top speed on the speedometer, not necessarily the fastest time for getting up to top speed.

1. VF 1000 F 2 1987

These Honda motorcycles were touring bikes and had top speeds of 144.2 miles per hour. With V4 engines and 100 horsepower at 9500 rotations per minute, it’s easy to see why these Honda motorcycles have the top speed. They have a liquid cooling system and a chain type final drive transmission. They weigh 610 pounds with all fluids included. These Honda motorcycles had dual disc front brakes and single disc rear brakes. A fuel capacity of 6.08 gallons make this a good motorcycle to take a long ride on. Even with all that speed behind it, on the consumer rating, these Honda motorcycles only scored 64.5 out of 100. Read more articles The History Of Honda Motorcycles Why choose a Honda Motorcycle ? Good Qualities of Honda Motorcycles 2010 Honda Motorcycles

2. VF 1000 F 2 1986

These Honda motorcycles faired slightly better in the consumer ratings with a score of 70.5 out of 100. The specifications are much the same as the 1987 model. These Honda motorcycles had a Double Overhead Cam fuel control the same as the 1987 model . As far as the specifications are concerned, the 1987 and the 1986 Honda motorcycles are exactly the same. Where the main difference seems to be is in the design. In the design and look, the 1986 model scored more then 15 points higher then the 1987 model and more then 6 points better then the 1987 model in racing track abilities. In repair and maintenance costs, the 1986 model scored 18 points better. The only thing the 1987 model did better in was its touring capabilities in which the 1987 model scored 2.3 points better then the 1986 model.

3. ST 1100 Pan-European STD and CBS-ABS with TCS 2000

These Honda motorcycles had a top speed of 142.3 miles per hour. They scored better then the VF 1000 F 2 models making 79.9 out of 100. These Honda motorcycles also had V4 engines. They had 100 horsepower at 7500 rotations per minute. This model had an electric starter, liquid cooling system, and a 5-speed gearbox. Its dry weight is 632.7 pounds, and a seat height of 31.5 inches. The front brakes are dual disc while the rear brakes are single disc. The colors include red or blue. This was truly a touring motorcycle. Its fuel tank had a capacity for 7.4 gallons. For reliability and problem free driving, these Honda motorcycles scored 93. Its off road capabilities was only a 39.2, however, this was the only thing that these Honda motorcycles scored less then average when compared to other touring motorcycles. These Honda motorcycles made a 96.1 in their touring capabilities, the average touring capabilities for other touring bikes was 78.6.