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Victory Tops Motorcycle Brands in Overall Quality

Victory Motorcycles consistently beat out the Harley Davidson brand of bikes in quality and¬†serviceability. The new American motorcycle made waves since it appeared on the market years ago, and now diehard Harley riders are turning to Polaris’ Victory cruiser bike line to hit the road with style and piece of mind.

Hardly any Victory bike leaves the shop without new pipes or other specialty Victory parts and accessories added on.

Exhaust pipes more than any other product seem to grace the rear end of Victory motorcycles so riders can be the baddest and loudest bikers on the road.

Bikers love to customize their motorcycles as they take them to various rallies and cruise nights for that award winning one-of-a-kind look.

And for a company like Victory, their brand quality is reflected in their parts as well. Of course, even the worst bike cannot be improved with the best parts.

Buyers should consider researching the bike that best matches their riding style and determine what parts they need, and what parts are about as useful and kitsch as tassels on the ends of bicycle handlebars.

Chrome always makes a motorcycle stand out well. Sometimes even going for specialty all-black parts can really give a cruiser that dark and imposing look.

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Online retailers like Full Throttle Motorsports sell these parts and some of the coolest custom cruisers Victory has made, including the limited edition Arlen Ness designed motorcycles.

Arlen, and his son, Corey Ness, made names for themselves as some of the top crafters of motorcycles today, and could be considered the Ed “Big Daddy” Roth team of modern day chopper bikes.

Even Victory motorcycles, with their leading overall quality record according to JD Power and Associates, typically need repairs and maintenance.

Thousands of Victory replacement parts can be purchased and ordered through Full Throttle Motorsports’ online shopping catalog.¬†Orders over $100 even receive free shipping.

Full Throttle Motorsports, Michigan’s leading powersports dealer even sells parts and vehicles for many other types of motorsport brands, including: Yamaha, Suzuki, Polaris, Scwhinn, Piaggio, Vespa, Vectrix, Victory, Ranger, Aprilia, Big Bear Choppers, Big Dog Motorcycles, and may order parts for off-brand vehicles.

Motorcycle repair experts always advise properly winterizing motorcycles if the local climate reaches freezing temperatures. Some suggest storing a motorcycle with a full tank of fuel so that moisture does not seep in the tank during the winter months.

When getting a bike ready after the long winter months, be sure to check for cracks in any liquid reservoirs on the bike and make sure tires have not lost inflation.

Some motorcycle race tracks change their safety requirement rules from time to time. It is important to check with racetracks to make sure ones bike has all of the most recent safety equipment, in order to ride at any race day event.

Of course helmets and protective leathers are practically a requirement for any kind of riding condition.