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Car Insurance – Tips on Getting the Best Car Insurance Rates

Times are hard and we need to economize on many things. However, our cars are essential to our lives and our jobs. We don’t want to fret about high car insurance costs but car insurance is mandatory both for legal reasons and for our own peace of mind. It’s not something we want to skimp on. However, there are ways to minimize the costs of our auto insurance without compromising the quality of he coverage. If you think you’re getting the cheapest car insurance for your needs right now, you may want to reconsider after reading these tips on getting the best car insurance rates.

The first thing to do is to take stock of your individual situation and that of your vehicle to see if there are any ways to get a reduction in your auto insurance rates.

For one thing, if you are a member of the armed services, you are eligible for a military discount on your auto insurance rates. Also, if you haven’t been involved in any accidents for a number of years you can apply for a safe driver discount. And if you just use your car to commute to work, you could apply for a lower mileage discount. Some insurers recognizing that the less your drive your car, the less likely you are to have an accident will offer such a discount.

Another thing you can do to get lower rates is to take a defensive driver or driver education course. These courses are recognized by insurance companies and you’ll soon recap the cost of the course through lower insurance premiums.

Next there’s the matter of your vehicle. Some insurance companies offer discounts on insurance for vehicles with certain safety features such as air bags, anti lock brakes, automatic restraint systems, and automatic daytime lights.

By doing such an inventory on yourself and your vehicle, you can make sure you’re taking advantage of any discounts that insurers might be offering.

However, the most significant savings in car insurance you can make are those that come from getting your auto insurance online. Not only can this kind of comparison shopping get your the best rates, you can also be sure that the companies involved are reputable.

The procedure is very simple. You visit the web site an insurance comparison company and enter your zip code. You will then get a list of companies in your area that can provide you with a range of car insurance quotes. You can choose one or all of these companies. Simply fill in the usual details regarding home, vehicle and driving history and you will be presented with a range of quotes from local car insurance providers. You can then compare these to decide on the most suitable offering for you. These sites also provide contact information where you can ask more questions.

By comparing car insurance quotes online in this way you can save yourself a lot of time and effort compared to contacting local insurance companies individually. It also beats calling companies up on the phone and having to give out all your details over and over again. By comparing online, you can be sure you’re getting the lowest insurance quotes for your state. However, don’t forget that price is not the only factor you should take into account when getting insurance for your car.

One important thing to remember when comparing auto insurance rates is that the cheapest quote doesn’t necessarily represent the best value. When you get your auto insurance quotes, consider what the policies actually cover. You need to think about the types of coverage offered, what is covered (and what is not), the coverage amounts and deductibles. And be sure to check the policy exclusions section of the document.

You also need to inquire about each company’s process for filing auto insurance claims. You need to be sure about the procedure and the length of time involved in handling and processing any claim. Should you be involved in a car accident, it’s comforting to know your insurance company will handle things in an efficient and timely manner.

Using an auto insurance comparison site is the easiest and most comfortable way to find out what rates and policies are being offered in your area and thus being able to get real value in your car insurance.

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Car insurance: Pothole ahead!

Potholes are a common nuisance to all drivers and the effects they can have on the suspension, body work and general running of a car is costing drivers a considerable amount of money in car insurance claims.

There are around 1.5 million potholes in the UK at the moment and the adverse weather conditions have not made things any easier. The rain and snow that we have all had throughout the country has meant the potholes have become harder to see and many people are falling victim.

Last February, there were 700 claims that were related to potholes. However, this number has almost tripled to 2000 claims and insurance companies are urging all drivers to take extra care on the roads whilst the weather is bad and accidents are more common.

Insurance claims can be costly, not to mention losing your no-claims bonus on your policy. Saving money is a common theme over the past 18 months and ensuring you have the best car insurance policy is vital. With a range of options available to us, we should ensure we explore all possibilities to find the best deals.

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Switching providers can save you hundreds of pounds. Research that has been conducted shows that 85% of people would switch for a £75 saving although 19% of drivers will renew their insurance policy without even looking around and this is foolish as there are huge savings to be made.

Just remember that even though your policy may have been a fantastic deal a year ago, it may be just an average deal now as each insurer tries to outdo the other to make their deals the best. Brand loyalty is not as common as it used to be as customers look to save money, don’t be the only one to miss out on important savings.

The ability to compare car insurance means finding the best deals is easy. Consider your options when choosing your car insurance and as prices continue to rise anything we can do to minimise insurance costs should be taken advantage of.