In This Article We Are Going To Be Talking About The CB Auto Blog Program

Many of you know how popular auto blogging is and that there is also some good money to be made with auto blogs. On the other hand most of the auto blogging programs that are available on the net are the same. Which means that they just grab content articles from an article directory or some feed and post those articles to your blog. But now there is a brand new way to auto blog, and we will be talking about it here. This new technique we are talking about is with a program known as “CB Auto Blogger”.

This system will take Clickbank items and publish them to your blog, the posts are going to be created with appropriate information. The best thing relating to this system is its simplicity, as you can have this whole thing set up and all set to go in only 5 minutes. All you need to do is to configure the setting inside the system and you are completely done. This is when the software program goes to work and you do not have to touch it again.

This program will search Clickbank each day for the categories you choose and find the newest products. It isn’t going to just find items, but it also searches for subject material that is tightly related to that product to add to the post. You have to also remember that this program is able to find the new products before just about any other software online today.

You will also be pleased to know that you can also have this software program find videos and pictures to incorporate into the blog posts. This is how you can basically produce unique content by adding all 4 of these things into one posting.. It also has enhanced SEO options that can allow the software program to automatically generate tags for the post and also categorize and sub categorize each post. This application will even add your affiliate link to every Clickbank link and that means you get the credit for every sale. You will soon discover that this is actually the best and most complete auto blogging program offered.

You will in addition get 16+ headers so you’ll be able to customize every blog you make to the niche that you are targeting. The WP Plugin suite is an additional item that they offer to you so you can make sure your entire blog is optimized and not just the particular content. You will additionally be provided a lot of tips and tricks to show you how you can effectively monetize your blog.

This software comes with a couple of different prices, $47 for anyone who just would like to use this program on one of their blogs. If you have more than one blog or perhaps if you plan on building more blogs you have the option to get the unlimited site license for $97. And if your still not sure you will discover that there is a money back guarantee if your not satisfied. You will have SIXTY days to use and try out the program and if you think it’s not everything you thought it would be you get your money back.

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