How About Automobiles That Go On Water As A possibility?

With fuel prices at nearly $4 to the gallon, how do you feel about having observed prices rise and rise again, up to these astronomical levels? The oil giants are becoming wealthier and wealthier by the day, while you must struggle more and more to fill up your tank, which you in all probability have to do to put bread on the table. What if there existed other ways, a superior way, to be able to power your car?

Many products have gotten to the testing stage over the years, but have then been stopped dead because they would adversely impact profits from oil. Any time you take a look at your gas gauge, you are probably wishing there was a better way to run your car. Have you observed the ads on the Internet about a car that can run on water? Is that fiction, or possibly there is a bunch of reality in it? This is really a possibility being pursued by car manufacturers, with future vehicles being powered by hydrogen which proceeds from water.

We have all witnessed the devastating effect of the power of uncontrolled water, so it’s no stretch to picture water pressure being used to transform hydrogen and oxygen. This isn’t just some far-away goal, but is already a reality, despite the fact that these cars haven’t been presented to the public, yet. It took greater than twenty years of improvement before the electric car was ready for widespread sales to the public. Right now, there is more than a year’s waiting list for the Smart Car of America, which operates solely on electric energy. There is definitely a need to get rid of gasoline cars for those that run on something altogether different.

Quite some time in the past, a conveniently cheap form of energy for cars was petrol, and for houses so was natural gas. The price of both forms of energy has escalated on a constant basis, while at the same time pollution has increased dramatically. We ought to thank the guys who blew the whistle on the damaging effects of emissions, the environmentalists, but ironically they get blamed instead. Despite all of the insults and taunts cast at them, these guys stuck to their guns and made sure that we continued to have clean air as well as water. The addition of ethanol to gas causes it to operate cleaner, and who do we have to thank due to this discovery but these folk. We should want to do much more, though, because oil prices, substantial as they are already, keep going up, and the main portion of our oil needs are met by foreign suppliers.

If a car that runs on hydrogen and the burning of oxygen became a reality, that would diminish our dependence on foreign oil suppliers and possibly lead to that blissful state where we didn’t need them at all. Does it appear too good to be correct to use common tap water to run your car? Both Ford and Chevrolet are currently exploring a car that runs on hydrogen. Years into the future, as soon as their hydrogen-driven cars or trucks are finally launched, the waiting list will probably be miles long.

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