Buying A Car That May Be A Couple Years Old Can Save You A Lot Of Money

Although we all love the smell of a completely new car as well as the pride that comes with owning a new car, it could be worth your while to buy a car a year or two old. My nanna advised me years ago that I shouldn’t ever buy a new car. Her help and advice appeared to be to find a car that had not clocked up a great number of miles and was around two years old. Based on her thoughts, any car I acquired should be operating well and if there had been anything needing attention, this would already have been carried out.

Those principles are something I still adhere to today as they are reasonable and in buying an older car there are other considerations that add on weight to this argument. I am now examine the savings that can be made whenever you buy a car that has been on the road a while and yet still relatively new.

After purchasing a new car, it is typically worth a few thousand less right after you leave the car showroom and is something you may not have considered. Maybe you believe you have bought a car that is excellent value for money if you paid $25,000 for instance but in reality you haven’t. The value might be as low as $20,000 when you wave goodbye to the car dealer. Which means that in a matter of a minute or two and a few miles you just erased $5,000.

Splash out on a new car, if you feel I am actually being too alarmist here. After you have, aside from going home, you shouldn’t drive anywhere else. Then the next day bring the car directly back to the dealer and find out how much you can get for a trade in. Inside the space of a 24-hour interval, you may learn that the car you paid $25,000 for has a recommended trade price in the range of $15,000 to $20,000.

This continues to be the marketplace norm for many years. You will discover situations now where for up to 30 days a dealer will give you the full original value back if you are trading in your car. But as soon as those thirty days have ended, you are out of that $5,000 no matter how you look at it. And if you try to sell your vehicle outright you may find yourself losing even more than that.

Now if you buy a car that is a year or two old you won’t be losing that instant devaluation when you drive it off the lot. Moreover, any difficulties with the car should have been ironed out as my grandma advised. The distinction between a new car and a used car with not a lot of miles, is in favor of the latter on this basis.

Therefore when purchasing a new car, these are all aspects that you should consider. You might have to sacrifice the attraction of a new car to find yourself with the most cost effective transaction.

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