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How To Fix Golfer’s Elbow in 5 Minute With This Advice

If you’ve just started golfing, you may find that your technique needs some improvement and cause an injury. Golfer’s Elbow involves the inside of the elbow and similarly is an injury to the tendon attaching to the elbow.

The forearm flexor muscles/tendon is injured causing inflammation and damage. Symptoms of this condition are pain on the inside of the elbow or forearm, numbness or tingling and pain with gripping/holding objects.

Youtuber try to fix your problems. Even if you’ve been playing for a while, you may have issues in this golfer’s elbow. Watch the video to find strategies used by the pros to golf their best.

A helpful tip when it comes to golf is to remember as with almost all conditions, prevention is usually based on having a good combination of strength and flexibility in the muscles. This means diligent stretching if you are someone who works with their hands a lot or properly exercising if you are starting a new technique..