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A Real Good Automobile Selection: 2012 Ford Mustang V6

Numerous automobile enthusiasts are always excited when the new car year rolls around and the new models are introduced. If you are searching for a new car, you may have a good idea of what you want to get. Particularly when it is the new Ford Mustang, because you have been sold on them from their beginning back in the 1960s. Primarily the determination is which one of the new Mustangs do you want, and exactly what packaging do you want it to come in. Ford designs have always been developed with the driver in mind, to satisfy their needs. Every year, the Mustang is updated with additional features to turn on their new owners.

These would be the standard features found in the new 2012 Mustang V6 in order to decide on your own if this is for you. The earliest ever combination of 305 horsepower, from the 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 engine, and the best fuel economy in its class, a projected 31 mpg on the highway. The vehicle’s new engine features smooth performance from direct-acting mechanical buckets, in addition to variable cam timing and high-flow duel exhaust. Both the 2012 Mustang V6 hard tops in addition to convertibles feature 17-inch painted aluminum wheels.

The Mustang also features Electronic Power Assist Steering which instantly sets your maneuverability according to how fast or slow you are driving. Improved fuel efficiency was obtained by doing away with the belt driven hydraulics. Two settings are made possible by the Electronic Power Assist Steering, in addition to the default setting. The sport setting provides more sense for the road, creating a tighter driving experience. The comfort setting is what it is, created for more pleasurable driving with less effort on your part.

The interior highlights of the 2012 Mustang may very well be more remarkable than the outside. The car includes a one-piece instrument panel, retro-styled features, and conical instrument-gauge layout. This creates a very pleasing driving encounter. The exterior exudes the unforgettable Mustang in contemporary form. It has a powerful look and feel with its flowing lines. Dual-stage front airbags, plus front-seat side airbags, along with stability control, should give you a safe and secure feeling when you are behind the wheel. The 2012 Mustang is really a growling monster prepared to be let out, with your choice of powerful engines, V6 standard, but available in V8, along with 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.

There are numerous optional features which can be added by the owner to boost the interior or exterior appearance. The Mustang has long been around from the time of the sixties. Their beautiful designs have been appreciated by car lovers ever since they were introduced. Their continued great performance track record, and the reasonable pricing has made the Ford Mustang a success. The new 2012 Mustang V6 is just one of the styles that you have to choose from.

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Save Your Valuable Dollars By Purchasing An Older Vehicle Rather Than A New One

Although we all love the smell of a completely new car as well as the pride that comes with owning a new car, it could be worth your while to buy a car a year or two old. Buying a new car is something I was warned against previously by my grandmother. A car that was around the two year mark with not so much mileage is the thing that she said I needed. Her reasons behind this seemed to be that any problems that the car may have had will be taken care of and I would be sure that I was getting a car in good working condition.

Those rules are something I still adhere to today as they are logical and in buying an older car there are other considerations that add on weight to this argument. I am now look at the savings that can be made any time you buy a car that has been on the road a while and yet still fairly new.

Right after purchasing a new car, it is usually worth a few thousand less as soon as you leave the car showroom and is something you may not have considered. Therefore if you buy a car that set you back $25,000 and you thought you got a great deal, you really didn’t. The amount may be as low as $20,000 when you first wave goodbye to the car dealer. Sacrificing $5,000 dollars can happen in that quick space of time and those initial miles covered.

Splash out on a new vehicle, if you think I am actually being too alarmist here. Then drive it no other place else but directly home. Then the subsequent day bring the car back in the dealer and ask them how much you can get for a trade in. For trading in the car you can expect anywhere between $15,000 and $20,000 and this is for a car you got for $25,000 the day before.

In the past, this is simply how things ran in the trade. This really is changing in some situations where there is a thirty day window to get a 100% trading in valuation for your car from the original dealer. You still will be $5000 down the moment those 30 days have gone by. And in case you try to sell the automobile outright you could find yourself losing even more than that.

At this time whenever you buy a car that is a couple of years old you won’t be losing that instant decline when you drive it off the lot. If there were issues with the car these should have long been solved as my grandmother originally stated. The value for money of a lower mileage older car is higher than purchasing a new car from a car dealership when you take all of this into consideration.

It is simply something to take into account the next time you are considering getting a new car. You may have to sacrifice the attraction of a new car to wind up with the most cost effective transaction.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Car Insurance

You need to know as much as you can about auto insurance. Knowledge is power when you are trying to find the suitable insurance for yourself. Follow the advice in this article to make the best auto insurance decisions you can.

You should make every effort at keeping your drivers license clean. Speeding tickets and accidents can really cause your insurance premiums to run high. Many insurance companies reward drivers with poor records who attend a driving course.

You need to understand what kind of coverage you need for car insurance. There are many different situations that come into play when determining the cost of insurance. The legal costs associated with things such as serious injury or death in an accident you cause are covered by bodily injury liability policies.

Insurance Coverage

Letting your auto insurance coverage lapse will raise your insurance rates. Creating gaps in your insurance coverage can often be the result of switching carriers or policies. Your insurance company will raise the rate charged once they discover you have had gaps.

Think twice about spending big bucks for after-market equipment for your car. Some things are nice to have, but ask yourself if the money you are spending is really warranted. If you get in an accident and total your car, or if it’s stolen, the insurance company will only pay you for the value of the car, which does not include any after-market equipment.

Go for a non-sporty vehicle. Although fast and furious sports cars are impressive, they also cost a premium to insure. A low-profile automobile is a great choice. When the vehicle has a large engine, or is a racing motor, it will be more expensive to insure because people have more accidents with cars like that. Another reason it’s so expensive to insure sports cars is that they’re more susceptible to theft than other cars.

The information presented in this article has, hopefully, increased your knowledge, which can guide you in making more informed decisions regarding vehicle insurance. The more you know about something, the better your decision will be. Share these tips with those you care about.