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Be Aware In order to Avoid Auto Accidents

One thing that many folks never think about is getting into a car accident. Everyday, across the world, people are involved in slight accidents all the way up to deadly head-on collisions. People tend not to worry too much about it until it happens to someone they know or it happens to them. Car accidents turn into a tragedy very soon if someone dies or is serious hurt. It becomes an even bigger loss when the people killed are teenagers, knowing their lives have been cut short. There are ways to drive defensively and approaches to avoid accidents. How many times do drivers practice driving safely? Many people almost certainly do not since many are driving while wondering about other things.

With all the errands we run, constant phone ringing and other distractions, it is difficult to stay focused driving. There are a lot of people on the road today with one hand on the wheel at the same time talking on a cell phone. There really isn’t any reason why an accident would not happen. If everybody made the effort to pay attention to the road and drive defensively, we all will have less accidents. The best way to avoid accidents is to simply pay attention to the road. When you are driving on the highway, don’t multi-task, don’t think about the day ahead, just simply keep your mind on the road.

When you’re driving on hectic roads, or at crowded intersections, make sure that your mind is on the driving, and your cell phone is turned off. In the event you must talk on the phone while driving, get a headset so you can have both hands on the wheel. And don’t read a book or newspaper if you are driving in heavy traffic. Ladies should not be applying on makeup while driving on their way to work. There should be several interesting reports on the number of accidents caused by talking on cellphones, reading books or putting on makeup. If people did not do any of that stuff while driving, you can only imagine how much lower the accident rate would be.

Another way to be a safe driver is always to obey all traffic rules. When you stick to the speed limit, there is a good chance that you won’t have an accident. You will find there’s pretty good possibility that the majority of people getting into collisions were going to fast. But you wonder if any of us actually drives within the speed limit.

The sad part is that you run the risk of getting into a car accident each time you step into a vehicle. Although you are the best defensive driver on earth, there is no way you can control what’s happening with the other driver. There is always that risk when you drive around town. Certainly you can do your part by driving slower, and in a more protective way.

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Is It Pretty Expensive To Change Your Car’s Air Filter And Wiper Blades Yourself?

Lots of people drive to the closest oil change garage and follow their recommendations when it comes to replacing their air filters and wiper blades. Sadly, you happen to be spending unnecessary money when you allow them to replace these items for you. Read on to learn how you’re wasting money by letting the oil change center dictate when to replace filters and wiper blades and how you will be able to do it yourself for a lot less money.

For one thing, did you know that the typical manufacturer recommendation is that you replace your air filter every 20,000 miles? This is due to the fact that under typical situations that is all it needs. Obviously, if after 20,000 miles your air filter is still pretty much clean there is no reason to change it. Nevertheless, when you have your oil changed at an oil change unit, they typically recommend that you replace your air filter at every other oil change. Because they make extra income replacing air filters, it is just common sense that they would recommend this. What’s astonishing is that some places ask for upwards of $50 to replace a filter that basically costs $10.

Replacing your own air filter doesn’t just save some money but it can even help you from being ripped off by these big chains. You can basically visit the nearest auto parts store and find an air filter for as little as $6, depending on what style you need. Should you be happy to ask for guidance, employees at some auto parts stores will show you what to do. Although swapping an air filter is usually no more difficult than removing a wing nut or releasing 4 clamps that hold the cover on. Next, you lift out the worn out filter and set the new one in its place. By undertaking this yourself, you may spend up to $20 every few years as opposed to paying someone else to do it for you at a cost of over $200 every two years.

Exchanging your windshield wipers operates the same way. Why on earth would a person pay out $20 per side at the oil change places when you’re able to pick up wiper blades for about $3 to $5 each? After all, changing wiper blades is equally as simple as changing your air filter. As an aside, you would usually find it easier if you swap the entire wiper blade unit instead of just replacing the blade. As a result, try to buy the entire unit when you shop for blades. You typically only need to have a small screwdriver to help you change out the wiper blades. With wiper blades, you’ll automatically know when to replace them since they will no longer work properly. The people at these service centers have no idea how your blades are working they just go by what their computer tells them. Hence, if they have never replaced your wiper blades, they will continue to propose that you buy new ones from them.

Just using these two suggestions and doing the work yourself can save you quite a bit of money. You might possibly even wish to consider learning the best way to change your own oil. It is a little more difficult, nevertheless, you will find yourself saving even more money.