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Economical Car: Just About The Most Economical Car

If you’re going to get a brand new car but don’t want one that eats a lot of gas or would cost a lot for repairs, you should think about a car that costs between $10,000 to $15,000. These kinds of cars should have four or five doors and it shouldn’t be a full scale sedan.

It is best to also look for a car that runs on gasoline. Probably the most fuel efficient gasoline operated car will be the Yaris by Toyota. But if you like diesel engines, there are a selection of diesel-fueled cars too.

Between 8,000 to 10,000 Euros, a person could acquire an Astra, Corsa, Opel or a Renault Clio. For this budget range, you can also get a rather decent second-hand car that has 60,000 to 140,000 kilometers on it.

If you possibly can spend $12,000 or more to get a car, you could get a well outfitted Mazda 6, Opel Astra or a Hyundai Accent. You may even get lucky and locate a Yaris for that price tag as well. You’ll be able to locate some BMWs, however only older models that will probably consume quite a substantial amount of gas.

If you have in excess of 13 000 dollars, you can certainly think about new cars. An excellent car is the Mitsubishi Colt though it is a bit noisy inside. Moreover, you might not be able to get a good resale price later on.

Another good car, although a bit small, is the Suzuki Swift. The driver has a bit of space, however the person right behind him will not enjoy the same comfort. Typically the model with the 1.25 engine saves on gas but it is not a particularly good drive, which will not be worth it for the price.

Another car containing good optional features in addition to a decent warranty is the Hyundai Accent 1.5. Hyundai features a very solid five year warranty or 100,000 kilometers plus they’re known for quality service.

Skoda is the one other good name, and the new Fabia with 68 HP is undoubtedly a great option. On the other hand, the assistance is not so great, and you may have problems repairing it at your local garage.

The Renault Clio is yet another car to consider with its 65 horsepower 1.5 liter engine and sufficient room for a tall person. It has an normal consumption of 5.4 liters/100 km in the city but it will consume under 3.8 if you are going on a straight road at 90 kilometers/hour. Obviously, you can’t expect a car to be both top performing then again fuel efficient. However, many of these smaller cars can hit 120 km/h without collapsing under the strain. At increased speeds, the cars may eat more gas at 4 liters per kilometer but will not go higher than 7 or 8.