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Used Harley Davidson – Buy Used Harley Davidson

There is no one needs an introduction about Harley Davidson motorcycle or to its popularity. This big heavy motorcycles as one of the most popular motorcycles of America has formed a cult of its own. The name of Harley Davidson brings you to mind wind in your hair, the smell of leather jacket, and become symbolizes the spirit of freedom and strength. For the Haders Harley Davidson is not just a motorcycle, there is more that is associated that name.

As you can expect buying a Harley Davidson is going to be seriously and it is going to really expensive. We can se that so many people look for alternative options that are more affordable. For Harley Davidson lovers there is no reason to wait to buy their dream motorcycle. If there is not enough money for buying a new Harley, you should consider to buy a used one. Used Harley Davidson is one of the closest options people have when it comes to fulfilling their dream of owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Actually, there is a motorcycle dealers that sale used Harley Davidson with cheaper price. The dealers also give you warranty for their used Harley Davidson. The motorcycle dealers usually handle their used Harley with professional, for good reason they also fix any obvious mechanical problems on their used Harley before selling to their customer. The dealer do not want their customer dissatisfied by poor condition of their used Harley, and usually do their best to deliver a quality bike that meets their standards.

Besides Motorcycle dealers you should consider to buy used Harley Davidson bikes from online auctions. For the reason of secure transaction, the Haders usually buying an used Harley by online.  One of the best places you can look for used Harley Davidson motorcycles is eBay. There are many number of Harley Davidson seller in eBay store that dedicated just for Harley motorcycles. Not only the bikes, you can also buy Harley parts in eBay with highly attractive prices. Before you place your bid make sure that you review the used Harley description and all the terms and conditions carefully.

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The Top Ten Custom Motorcycle Builders

Since I spend a good portion of my time reviewing and researching the world of custom motorcycles, I thought it might be fun to list my own top ten for the custom motorcycle world. My choices were made strictly on the quality and originality of their work and not how famous they are.  Here they are in reverse order. 

10. OCC Choppers – Six months ago these guys wouldn’t have even made my short list, let alone my top ten, but since Paul Jr. left, the bikes they’re building have been better than ever. The OCC band bike alone earns them a spot on the list. 

9. Bobber Shop – The one in Thousand Oaks, CA. If you want to see how to properly take a stock Harley Davidson and turn it into a true custom you need to see the work these guys do. One of the best customizing shops in the country. 

8.  Greg’s Custom Cycles -  I’m not sure where Greg gets his ideas but I hope they keep coming. One of the most creative bike builders in the country yet smart enough to never over do it. A bike done by Greg’s will truly be one of a kind. 

7. Sam Nehme -  Roadstar customizer extraordinaire, Sam’s BMS Choppers continually keeps pumping out high quality custom Yamahas. I credit Sam for making customized Metric bikes an acceptable form of transportation. 

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6. Arlen Ness – The guy’s an artist. He’s a legend. Arlen has pushed the boundaries of custom bike design further than any single individual I can think of. Many of Arlen’s unique ideas have made their way onto stock bikes. A real pioneer.

 5. Mondo – After taking over Denver’s Choppers from the late Denver Mullins, Mondo has carved himself a place in motorcycle history, I feel, by being one of the most versatile custom motorcycle builders around. Mondo is one of the few builders that understand every style of bike and what makes it what it is. 

4. Cole Foster – I once wrote that Cole’s picture should be put into the dictionary next to the world “cool”. That’s not a joke. This guy epitomizes cool and all that it means. While some may argue that Foster and his Salinas Boys haven’t built enough motorcycles to qualify for a spot this high on the list, my response is that it’s quality, not quantity that matters. 

3. Roland Sands – Hello, next generation of custom bike builder. Roland can’t seem to decide if he wants to build a racing bike, a sport bike, a cruiser or and off road bike, so he just builds them all in every bike. Probably the most talented artist in the entire custom motorcycle world, Sands has truly created his own signature style. 

2. Wicked Custom Cycles – Who? You may ask are they? Well, do yourself a favor and Google them and you’ll find out. My number two choice was selected for their unique take on the V-star 1100 as a base for a custom motorcycle. They are without a doubt building the finest metric bikes I have seen yet. Look these guys up. 

1.  Redneck Engineering -. The heart of a custom motorcycle is not in the engine but rather the frame. Redneck has taken frame design to its ultimate perfection. They have developed new frame styles that other bike builders are falling over themselves to use. The Redneck style is instantly recognizable, no matter who has done the finishing work, and I can not wait to see what they develop next.  

Like it or not, that’s my top ten list for custom motorcycle builders. Hopefully I’ve given you something to think about and you’ll check out any of the builders that you haven’t heard about before. Thanks for reading.