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Basical Knowledge about Your car's Airbag

Basical Knowledge about Your car’s Airbag

We all know that there is airbag in cars, but what do you know about it? This article talks some basical knowledge about auto airbag system: what is auto airbag, its operating principle and how to reset airbag.

What is an auto airbag?

An auto airbag is a vehicle safety device. The airbag is an occupant restraint consisting of a flexible envelope designed to inflate rapidly during an automobile collision, to prevent occupants from striking interior objects such as the steering wheel or a window. Modern vehicles may contain multiple airbags in various side and frontal locations of the passenger seating positions, and sensors may deploy one or more airbags in an impact zone at variable rates based on the type and severity of impact; the airbag is designed to only inflate in mild to severe frontal crashes. Airbags are normally designed with the intention of supplementing the protection of an occupant who is correctly restrained with a seatbelt. Most designs are inflated through pyrotechnic means and can only be operated once.

How do you know whether an airbag woks normally or not?

The light should illuminate when the key is turned from the off to the on or run position for a bulb check. On some models the light will flash briefly while the system runs a complete diagnosis. But when the engine is running the light should go out. If your car’s airbag does not work as talked above, that could mean there is something wrong with the airbag service.

How to reset airbag?

When there is something wrong with your airbag service, what should you do to reset the airbag? We know that the airbag system is delicate. Therefore, to do the airbag diagnosis is not easy. But with some special diagnostic tool you can make it. For example, the BMW airbag reset tool can display all SRS fault codes and reset the SRS light. With this kind of tool, you can no longer worry about the airbag resetting.

Airbag is an important element in a car. Some general knowledge about auto airbag is necessary. This article has stated what is airbag, its operating principle and how to reset airbag.