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Used Harley Davidson – Buy Used Harley Davidson

There is no one needs an introduction about Harley Davidson motorcycle or to its popularity. This big heavy motorcycles as one of the most popular motorcycles of America has formed a cult of its own. The name of Harley Davidson brings you to mind wind in your hair, the smell of leather jacket, and become symbolizes the spirit of freedom and strength. For the Haders Harley Davidson is not just a motorcycle, there is more that is associated that name.

As you can expect buying a Harley Davidson is going to be seriously and it is going to really expensive. We can se that so many people look for alternative options that are more affordable. For Harley Davidson lovers there is no reason to wait to buy their dream motorcycle. If there is not enough money for buying a new Harley, you should consider to buy a used one. Used Harley Davidson is one of the closest options people have when it comes to fulfilling their dream of owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Actually, there is a motorcycle dealers that sale used Harley Davidson with cheaper price. The dealers also give you warranty for their used Harley Davidson. The motorcycle dealers usually handle their used Harley with professional, for good reason they also fix any obvious mechanical problems on their used Harley before selling to their customer. The dealer do not want their customer dissatisfied by poor condition of their used Harley, and usually do their best to deliver a quality bike that meets their standards.

Besides Motorcycle dealers you should consider to buy used Harley Davidson bikes from online auctions. For the reason of secure transaction, the Haders usually buying an used Harley by online.  One of the best places you can look for used Harley Davidson motorcycles is eBay. There are many number of Harley Davidson seller in eBay store that dedicated just for Harley motorcycles. Not only the bikes, you can also buy Harley parts in eBay with highly attractive prices. Before you place your bid make sure that you review the used Harley description and all the terms and conditions carefully.

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The Top Ten Custom Motorcycle Builders

Since I spend a good portion of my time reviewing and researching the world of custom motorcycles, I thought it might be fun to list my own top ten for the custom motorcycle world. My choices were made strictly on the quality and originality of their work and not how famous they are.  Here they are in reverse order. 

10. OCC Choppers – Six months ago these guys wouldn’t have even made my short list, let alone my top ten, but since Paul Jr. left, the bikes they’re building have been better than ever. The OCC band bike alone earns them a spot on the list. 

9. Bobber Shop – The one in Thousand Oaks, CA. If you want to see how to properly take a stock Harley Davidson and turn it into a true custom you need to see the work these guys do. One of the best customizing shops in the country. 

8.  Greg’s Custom Cycles -  I’m not sure where Greg gets his ideas but I hope they keep coming. One of the most creative bike builders in the country yet smart enough to never over do it. A bike done by Greg’s will truly be one of a kind. 

7. Sam Nehme -  Roadstar customizer extraordinaire, Sam’s BMS Choppers continually keeps pumping out high quality custom Yamahas. I credit Sam for making customized Metric bikes an acceptable form of transportation. 

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6. Arlen Ness – The guy’s an artist. He’s a legend. Arlen has pushed the boundaries of custom bike design further than any single individual I can think of. Many of Arlen’s unique ideas have made their way onto stock bikes. A real pioneer.

 5. Mondo – After taking over Denver’s Choppers from the late Denver Mullins, Mondo has carved himself a place in motorcycle history, I feel, by being one of the most versatile custom motorcycle builders around. Mondo is one of the few builders that understand every style of bike and what makes it what it is. 

4. Cole Foster – I once wrote that Cole’s picture should be put into the dictionary next to the world “cool”. That’s not a joke. This guy epitomizes cool and all that it means. While some may argue that Foster and his Salinas Boys haven’t built enough motorcycles to qualify for a spot this high on the list, my response is that it’s quality, not quantity that matters. 

3. Roland Sands – Hello, next generation of custom bike builder. Roland can’t seem to decide if he wants to build a racing bike, a sport bike, a cruiser or and off road bike, so he just builds them all in every bike. Probably the most talented artist in the entire custom motorcycle world, Sands has truly created his own signature style. 

2. Wicked Custom Cycles – Who? You may ask are they? Well, do yourself a favor and Google them and you’ll find out. My number two choice was selected for their unique take on the V-star 1100 as a base for a custom motorcycle. They are without a doubt building the finest metric bikes I have seen yet. Look these guys up. 

1.  Redneck Engineering -. The heart of a custom motorcycle is not in the engine but rather the frame. Redneck has taken frame design to its ultimate perfection. They have developed new frame styles that other bike builders are falling over themselves to use. The Redneck style is instantly recognizable, no matter who has done the finishing work, and I can not wait to see what they develop next.  

Like it or not, that’s my top ten list for custom motorcycle builders. Hopefully I’ve given you something to think about and you’ll check out any of the builders that you haven’t heard about before. Thanks for reading.


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Cars for Sale – Buy New & Used Cars – Repossessed Cars on Sale

Cars for Sale:

Are you looking for a “cars for sale” auction to buy a car/cars? At best car deals website you will get instant access to thousands of new and used repossessed homes, cars, trucks and SUV’s on sale that have been seized by the government, police, IRS customs, DEA, banks and lending institutions etc, all car makes and models, new and used cars for sale from up to 95% off, used cars with low miles and clean records. This is a closely guarded resource only used by car dealerships and realtor to buy and sell cars and homes due to the extreme discounted prices and amazing deals not possible in any other way. Click here to see Best Car Deals site.

Repossessed Cars:

Every day thousands of Americans default on their car payments, or fail to abide by certain law which in turn, causes the law enforcement agencies to seize their cars and other property indefinitely. Some of these cars are repossessed from criminals and individuals or institutions with large amounts of bank loans and debts which they are unable or refuse to pay and also in cases of tax evasion. For this reason vehicles repossessed in these kinds of situation are quickly repossessed and auctioned on non – profit basis for the banks and lending institutions to cover loses and to minimize cost of storage and maintenance. This is therefore a perfect source for you to buy your dream car used / new. The general public does not know about kind of cars for sale and homes auctions! After being a member of the site there is no reason to buy from a dealership or realtor ever again!

New and Used Repossessed Cars for Sale:

Repossessed cars for sale auctions are now becoming more and more popular. This is the perfect way for any individual be it a car dealer or even students to buy cars due to affordability. Once you become a member of auction seized cars website you will get an excellent service to help you save time and money with a detailed database site and much more about government and state auctions sites and their contact phone numbers. This is the most updated database on government and state auctions with online support and live service to assist you and help you find exactly what you are looking for and make your shopping experience a pleasurable one.

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Buy New & Used Cars:

Once you become a member you will get instant access to thousands of repossessed cars for sale both new and used cars to choose from including luxury homes. You will get an opportunity to shop at local and online auctions allover the U.S (every U.S state). The site has implemented an awesome system for its members to utilize and now you can become that lucky buyer and drive away with the car or home of your dreams! The repossessed cars are kept in a warehouse; the homes repossessed, and then auctioned off in a hurry. These auctions sometimes have a few people attending; therefore these repossessed cars are sold for bargain prices.

Some of the cars on sale are: Acura, Infiniti, Nissan, Audi, Isuzu, Oldsmobile, BMW, Jaguar, Plymouth, Buick, Jeep, Pontiac, Cadillac, Kia, Porsche, Chevrolet, Land Rover, Saab, Chrysler, Lexus, Saturn, Dodge, Lincoln, Subaru, Ford, Mazda, Suzuki, GMC, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Honda, Mercury, Volkswagen, HUMMER, MINI, Volvo, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Ferrari

You will be able to browse through all this models and more then bid and buy these cars at unheard – of low prices of up to 90% off. You also get full access to easy online bidding, seized car listings, dealer car auctions, bank repo vehicles, police repo vehicles, other government auctions, browse online listings or buy offline, From basic to luxury cars for sale and homes and save thousands of dollars.

In the past, only car dealers and realtors with special licenses could access these auctions, only now cause of the internet, things have changed because big business has saturated the market in turn making it impossible for many of these repossessed cars and homes auction centers to get the word out. These auction centers and online Auctions need you to attend and buy because of the enormous expense to store these thousands of vehicles and homes. This is the absolute best way of attaining the car or home of your dreams for a fraction of what it would cost you otherwise.

Advantage of repossessed new and used cars auction:

Repossessed cars for sale auctions offer multiple benefits among buyers simply because they are being offered at a low starting price and this makes it possible for you to save big money, buyers can expect a whole wide range of choices for vehicles and the quality of the vehicles is not compromised by the prices. It is possible for you to find the car you have always wanted available at a price you can easily afford.

Besides a low starting price repossessed cars on sale auctions offer quality cars in a lot of ways, most of the cars are in top condition and will look quite new with the warrant still on. There are no pieces of junk in fact, you will be amazed at how unbelievably good and well maintained these cars are being sold at a price that even teenagers can afford.

If you buy repossessed cars, don’t think that these cars are always in bad shape. You will be surprised to know that some of these repossessed cars are in brand new condition. You can get a background check on the vehicle you wish to buy; you should also be able to do a little research on its history and records. Repossessed cars for sale auctions usually give information regarding the repossessed cars for free, including history reports on the car that you wish to buy. Buy new & used cars click here to view and join cars for sale and Repossessed cars on sale at auction seized cars on sale site.



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How to Paint your Own Motorcycle


Motorcycle and chopper painting tutorial



Plastic Filler

Flowable Putty

Epoxy primer

Epoxy Sealer

Base color Paint

Clear Coat

80,120,400,600,1500,2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper


If you’re like me, you don’t have the luxury of a down-draft spray booth in your shop. Here’s what I did. I cleaned out a storage room that’s attached to the back of my shop. I lined the walls with white poly, and placed a variable speed fan in the window. I then went around with a roll of duct tape and sealed the perimeter of the fan to the surrounding poly on the walls. Now onto the lights. After the first time you try painting something, you’ll quickly learn just how critical good lighting is. In fact when it comes to lighting, the brighter your paint area the better. A buddy gave me two four-tube florescent light fixtures, which I hung on opposite sides of my new spray booth. It’s good to have reflective walls. Lining the walls with white poly not only saves your walls, but it’s also quite reflective.


Before I continue, I want to stress safety. It’s a very bad I idea to paint in a room that’s attached to your house. In fact, it may not be legal in some jurisdictions. Also, paint fumes are not only super toxic, they’re highly flammable. Make sure your fixtures are wired properly, and that your fixtures are fully encased with lens covers attached. Last but not least, make sure you have a good quality respirator with the correct filters for the kind of paint you’re using.


For tools you’ll need at least two spray guns, a air regulator with a water trap, a compressor, and of course some air hose. As aforementioned, you’ll need 2 paint guns… one for painting primer, and another for painting base and clear coats. google_ad_channel = AB_cat_channel + AB_unit_channel; google_language = “en”;


Be certain your fuel and oil tanks are pressure tested and leak free before you start. Ideally, it’s good to sandblast your metal parts, especially if they have old paint on them. If you choose not to sandblast, make sure to sand them really thoroughly and wipe them down with a non oil-based cleaner prior to starting the job.

The next step is to apply filler to the low spots and any trouble areas. It’s a matter of personal preference, but I like to spray a coat of epoxy primer prior to spraying on the base coat. This gives a nice base for the filler to adhere to. Prepare your filler in small amounts (it sets up fast) and apply it smoothly and evenly onto your part.

After the filler has dried, sand it smooth with 80 grit and look it over for any low spots or chips, then fill and sand again. After the necessary rounds of filler and sanding are finished, it’s time to prime.

Spray on a couple of coats of epoxy primer. After the primer has dried, get a spray can of black paint and very lightly spray it over your part. This is the guide coat. The light black coat will show any ripples, low spots or defects in your handy work. To repair the problem areas that the guide coat exposed, you’ll want to use flowable putty instead of filler. Apply the putty in thin even coats, then smooth it down with 80 grit sandpaper (wrapped around a rubber sanding block). Once you get the high spots leveled down, smooth it down even more with 120 grit, then finishing it with 400 grit. You’re now ready for the last round of primer. Once the primer is dry, sand it thoroughly with 400 grit to give it a toothy surface for the base coat to stick to. I like to spray on a coat of epoxy sealer just prior to spraying the base colour coat. In addition to providing a ideal surface for applying the base color, it also prevents any solvents from coming through and causing bubbles in your clear coat. Make sure to follow the paint manufacturers spec sheets with regards to mixing times, mixing ratios and painting temperature. Failure to following the instructions will cause you much grief…believe me.


Now comes the color coat. Lay down the colour coats as per your paint manufacturer’s spec sheet. Next comes the clear. After the first round of clear has dried, wet sand it down with 600 grit. You’ll notice rows of ridges appear in the clear as you sand. Keep sanding until the clear is even and the ridges are gone. If you’re painting graphics on, now is the time to put them on. After applying your graphics, cover them with another round of clear. It may take one or more rounds of clear to completely bury the graphics. Be sure to wet sand flat with 600 grit between rounds of clear. After the last round of clear has been sprayed, sand it down flat with 600 grit like before. When it’s nice and smooth, finish it off with 1500 grit. If you want to get it even more silky smooth, go for a final round of 2000 grit.


Now for the gratifying part. The final step is to polish it to a mirror finish. You’ll need a variable speed polisher, a buffing pad, and some polishing compound. There are many different kinds of buffing compound available. Your local automotive supply store will be able to recommend a good one.


This little tutorial is meant to give you a basic idea of the paint process. For more in depth guide click on the link below.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

As car makers are increasingly thinking of producing hybrid vehicles, it’s time to think if these cars are really going to be the cars of the future? However, ‘hybrid’ seems to be the latest advancement in the auto world. Hybrid cars are known to enhance mileage figures, and hence are believed to be better than the traditional cars. In this article, let’s see if the hybrid technology is really worth the praise.

Hybrid cars come with dual engines: gasoline and electric powered engines. The gasoline motor does not directly power the car. Instead, it charges the electric engine which in turn runs the car. The first of its kind was made in a foreign land. In India, Honda was the first car maker to come up with the technology in its Honda Civic Hybrid.

Many other Indian auto majors have followed suit. Toyota, Tata Motors and Hyundai may soon come up with hybrid engines in their cars in India. With the introduction of the new technology, the international car market has witnessed a major change. However, the feedback has been both positive and negative making it difficult to judge if the introduction of many more hybrid automobiles is viable. Read more articles Automobile industry : Disruptive technologies are the need of the hour ! Ethanol fuel

Let us first look at the advantages of hybrids:

• Compare the pollution levels caused by hybrids with that of petrol automobiles. You’ll know in a jiffy that the emissions gushing out of petrol vehicles are way higher than their hybrid counterparts.

• Hybrids draw lesser tax than the gasoline-powered automobiles.

• Introduction of hybrids will also reduce dependency on oil which is a fast-depleting natural oil resource.

• Though expensive to buy, hybrids don’t need fuel re-fills every now and then, thus saving the fuel expenditure.

• The mileage obtained is much better.

• There is no friction in the engine to damage the spare parts, and hence, no wearing out of these parts.

• Maintenance cost is considerably low.

• Regenerative braking in these vehicles serves as a generator and charger to charge the batteries.

• Tyres of hybrid cars are harder and more inflated as compared to conventional cars.

Time to have a look at the disadvantages of hybrid cars:

• These cars being expensive, arranging money for the initial purchase becomes difficult for the average man.

• Hybrid technology is fairly new and hasn’t been tested well. Only time can tell what obstacles may occur while driving.

• Hybrids are lighter than conventional cars, hence making them more prone to accidents. In case of a collision with regular gasoline automobiles, hybrids and their occupants suffer greater damage.

• Heavy storms are capable of blowing off hybrids from the ground.

• Hybrids may be eco-friendly on the road, but produce twice the amount of pollution during the manufacturing process.

• The accelerative power is relatively low.

• Winters or cold weather can influence the working of batteries, thus hampering the hybrid’s performance.

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Car Insurance – Read More About It

These days, car insurance rates can be so expensive that there are some people who opt not to get one at all. However, there are certain things that you can do which should help lower the costs. But before we get to that, you need to understand that there are different factors that affect these insurance rates. Besides the type of coverage that you need, insurers also take your gender, age, car make and year into consideration. Needless to say, if they see you as a potentially high risk client, you are more likely to receive a higher insurance rate.

Now, to help you get a better deal, here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind.

1. Pay attention to your deductible amount. If you are not familiar with this, it is the amount that you need to pay first out of any claim. The total cost of your policy is actually, directly related to this amount. Now, quite a lot of people especially those who have had their automobile insurance policy for a long time wouldn’t even consider to vary their deductible. However, you can lower the cost of your policy by further increasing your deductible. So if you are a relatively safe driver and if you are confident that you will not run the risk of having to pay a much larger amount in the event that you do make a claim then this is a good option to consider.

2. Opt for a vehicle that’s low risk. If you’re in the process of finding a vehicle for yourself then do think about the model you’re going for. Keep in mind that there are certain types of cars that actually attract higher insurance rates. For example, luxury vehicles and sports car are considered to be high risk vehicles because they are prime theft candidates. So do think wisely before you purchase a vehicle.

3. Do consider adding various safety devices to your vehicle. Doing so would certainly affect your risk profile positively as insurers would see your vehicle as safe and low risk because of these devices. Therefore, it is important that you let them know of the different safety devices that you have installed in your vehicle.

4. Be a safer driver. Taking extra driving classes would also show your insurers that you’re making an effort towards keeping yourself as low risk as possible. Remember, every bit counts. If you feel like a particular driving course would help reduce your risk level then do go for it.

5. Be tech savvy. Last but not the least; do use the internet when it comes to finding an insurance company to work with. Needless to say, using the internet would make things far more convenient for you when it comes to browsing and comparing rates and policy features. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you would also be able to find information regarding the company itself therefore allowing you to make a more informed decision. After all, it is important that you familiarize yourself with a particular company’s reputation before you finalize the transaction.

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Basical Knowledge about Your car's Airbag

Basical Knowledge about Your car’s Airbag

We all know that there is airbag in cars, but what do you know about it? This article talks some basical knowledge about auto airbag system: what is auto airbag, its operating principle and how to reset airbag.

What is an auto airbag?

An auto airbag is a vehicle safety device. The airbag is an occupant restraint consisting of a flexible envelope designed to inflate rapidly during an automobile collision, to prevent occupants from striking interior objects such as the steering wheel or a window. Modern vehicles may contain multiple airbags in various side and frontal locations of the passenger seating positions, and sensors may deploy one or more airbags in an impact zone at variable rates based on the type and severity of impact; the airbag is designed to only inflate in mild to severe frontal crashes. Airbags are normally designed with the intention of supplementing the protection of an occupant who is correctly restrained with a seatbelt. Most designs are inflated through pyrotechnic means and can only be operated once.

How do you know whether an airbag woks normally or not?

The light should illuminate when the key is turned from the off to the on or run position for a bulb check. On some models the light will flash briefly while the system runs a complete diagnosis. But when the engine is running the light should go out. If your car’s airbag does not work as talked above, that could mean there is something wrong with the airbag service.

How to reset airbag?

When there is something wrong with your airbag service, what should you do to reset the airbag? We know that the airbag system is delicate. Therefore, to do the airbag diagnosis is not easy. But with some special diagnostic tool you can make it. For example, the BMW airbag reset tool can display all SRS fault codes and reset the SRS light. With this kind of tool, you can no longer worry about the airbag resetting.

Airbag is an important element in a car. Some general knowledge about auto airbag is necessary. This article has stated what is airbag, its operating principle and how to reset airbag.



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Cars For Sale – Government Car Auction – Japan Used Cars On Sale

Cars for sale at Goverment Auctions:

Government car auctions are now becoming more and more popular as time goes by simply because this is the perfect way for any individual be it car dealers, realtors, or even teen to buy cars or homes due to affordability. Cars for sale dealerships and realtors simply run to this auctions and buy cars and homes at extremely low prices and later sell them off at double or triple the price. In the past its only car dealers and realtors with special licenses who were allowed into this kinds of auctions because the government and other financial institutions had to sell off this repossessed cars and homes quickly inorder to cut cost of storage and maintenance. Today however things have changed because of the Internet, It is now possible for the government and other institutions to spread the word round about this auctions via Internet to enable anyone attend the auctions and buy. Click here to join now.

Once you join the Government car auction site you will get an excellent service to enable you save time and money with a detailed database site and much more information about government and other state auction sites and their contact telephone numbers. You will get access to thousands of repossessed cars for sale including Japan used cars both new and used cars including luxury cars and homes to choose from, you will also have the opportunity to shop at local and online auctions in every U.S state. You can now become that lucky buyer to drive away the car or home of your dreams because this auctions sometime have few people attending and therefore the repossessed cars and homes are auctioned at highly discounted prices.

Repossessed Cars for sale:

When buying repossessed cars don’t think that these cars are always in bad shape, there are no pieces of junk, in fact you will be amazed to find that some of the cars are still in their brand new conditions with their warranty still on and you will be able to get a background information on the car you wish to buy since all this information is provided to you by the government auction free of charge.

Cars for sale auctions offer multiple benefits among buyers because bids are normally offered at low starting prices which makes it possible for you to save a lot of money, you can expect a wide rang of vehicles and homes to choose from and the price of the vehicles is not compromised by the quality of the vehicle and therefore it is possible for you to find the a car of your dreams at a price you can easily afford. You will be able to browse through all car models then bid and buy a car at an extremely discounted price of upto 90% off, you also get full access to other government auctions, dealer car auctions, online bidding, seized car listings Including Japan used cars, bank repo cars, police repo cars, buy offline from basic to luxury cars and homes and save thousands of dollars.

Everyday many citizens default on their car payment or are involved in criminal activities and tax evasion or simply fail to abide by certain laws which in turn causes the law enforcement agencies to seize and repossesses their cars and other properties indefinitely. Most of these cars and homes are repossessed from people involved in criminal activities or individuals and institutions with large amounts of loans and debt which they refuse or are unable to pay, for this reasons vehicles and homes repossessed in these kind of situations are quickly auctioned to enable the government and other lending institutions cover loses and minimize cost of storage and maintenance of this properties. These online auctions and auction centers need you to attend and buy because of the high expense of storage incurred. This is the perfect source for attaining the car or home of your dreams. Save time and money now, Click here to join Cars for sale 2009.

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Get Yamaha Decals to Suit Your Motorcycle From All Out Graphics

The teenager’s love for motorcycles is nothing new. Almost every teenager wants to have a motorcycle that can be termed as a style statement. After seeing this popularity of motorcycles, now more and more companies are offering motorcycles with attractive designs and effective features. Among various motorcycles that are liked by most of the youths, the most preferred motorcycles are Yamaha and Suzuki.

Yamaha and Suzuki are two such motorcycles that are considered best not only in looks but in performance as well. Unlike other motorcycles, these motorcycles are designed keeping in mind all the important features that a person like to have in his motorcycle. Though the looks of these motorcycles are extraordinary still everyone wishes to make his motorcycle look different from the others.

If you also have Yamaha or Suzuki motorcycle and you want to make it look bit different from other Yamaha or Suzuki motorcycles then it is possible with the help of decals or graphics. Unlike past, now it is surely possible to give full customized look to your motorcycle. With the help of internet you can find end number of companies offering Yamaha decals or Suzuki decals. However with so many companies available on the net, the most important question that comes to one’s mind is that- is it same to buy Yamaha decals or Suzuki decals from any ordinary company?

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The answer to above question is no! Surely not! It is so because there are several companies that claim to offer best quality decals but in reality are unable to do so. Often it is seen that most of the companies in order to earn good amount of profit use very poor quality of vinyl because of which the decals or logos or graphics tend to fade destroying the whole look of the bikes soon. Thus it is very important to go for the right company to get quality Yamaha decals or Suzuki decals.

If you want to save your time and if you are looking for one such company that can not only provide best quality Yamaha decals or Suzuki decals but graphics, race banners and various other types of vinyl graphics also, then All Out Graphics is the name of the company you must opt for.

All Out Graphics is a company based out of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA that is known to offer graphics and decals that are not just extraordinary in design but best in prices as well. Along with specialization in motorcycle graphics, it is also a full service sign shop to fulfill all the business sign needs. You can get everything from small decals to full size digitally printed banners from All Out Graphics.

It is important to note that the formation of this company was done in order to help enthusiastic two wheeler lovers get the best decals and graphics for their two wheelers.

If you want to take the charm of various custom making products for your exclusive motorcycles then the experts at All Out Graphics would be happy to provide all. Not only that, if you want to customize your pocket bike with graphics then also there is no better option than All Out Graphics.

So make your bike look unique and extraordinary by using some of the best graphics from All Out Graphics. If you are price conscious then too you need not to worry at all as it is sure to get best graphics and decals with very reasonable prices at All Out Graphics. So for what are you waiting for? Order now!

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How Does Car Insurance Work

Many of us know we have to have car insurance in order to get our license and tags. However there are some that don’t really understand the actual policy or how it works to protect us. There are also different requirements for having a loan or lease on a vehicle rather than just owning it out right. Insurance companies ask a lot about our daily lives such as how we use the car, where we park it, and other aspects of driving to ascertain the risk we might pose to the vehicle they are covering.

Car insurance works in that we choose a level of coverage whether it is just liability or includes comprehensive and collision. There is also a choice in the amount of actual coverage regarding motorist, uninsured motorist, and medical. The amounts and type of coverage you choose is what will determine the premium you will pay on a month to month, six month, or yearly basis depending on the terms of your policy.

The amounts you have chosen and the type of coverage will tell the car insurance company how much they will have to pay out in the event of an accident caused by you or another driver. In other words they cover the damage that affects the car. For certain damage like windshields you will have a deductible that you have to meet in order to process a claim. If you have damage to your car from a break in, a rock thrown at the windshield, or an accident that you have been in you have to report the issue to the company in order to get a payout. The car company is going to ask for full details regarding the claim, the information from the accident claim, such as any ticket given to you and of course any damage to the other car if you caused the accident. They will ask that the car be taken to one of their mechanics that they have in their company logs. The mechanic is then going to report the amount of damage and how much it will cost to fix it. The car insurance will then take the quote and all information. In some cases they may consider the car totaled and will not offer any settlement towards fixing the car.

If you were not the cause of the accident you will still see a payout that may include covering the cost of a new car if it is totaled. It will depend on the insured’s car insurance and yours. The car insurance company usually sends a check for the funds directly to you to help you get the car repaired or to replace the vehicle. The amount will again depend on the coverage you have as well as the damage. The car insurance company will only pay for the actual worth on the car, at the time. If the car’s worth is less than the loan or lease you are still going to be responsible for paying off the lease amount.