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Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Passing your test is a very happy time for a new driver as you can then find out about the freedom that driving can give you. However, before you can get to sample the perks, you have to get your car insurance sorted.

Car insurance companies quote high prices for young drivers as they are statistically more likely to have an accident and be a more impetuous driver. As well as this, young drivers are more likely to be victims of vandalism, theft and fire.

In order to get out on to the open road quickly and cheaply, being added to your parents’ car insurance policy is the best option, as long as they don’t drive luxury cars. If your parents already have an ‘any driver’ policy then the process will be even faster but only if the ‘any driver’ policy small print doesn’t exclude new or young drivers.

If the option of being put on to your parents’ policy isn’t available to you or you are fortunate enough to have a car of your own, then you’ll have to buy your own policy. This is likely to cost you the same price as your first car so in order to keep the price as low as possible there are a number of things that you can do:

- Get ‘third party’ cover only. This is the minimum level of cover that the law allows.

- By getting ‘third party’ cover and a cheap, small car with a low insured value, you’ll only lose the value of the car if it is irreparable or damaged.

- The fewer penalty points you get and accidents that you have, the lower your premiums.

- Avoid buying luxury cars as young driver car insurance is extremely high for these cars.

- Don’t drink and drive. A young person with a drink-driving record with find it almost impossible to get insured and if you are lucky enough to find it then it will be extortionate.

Another way to get cheap car insurance is by doing extra training. There are two courses that you can do after you’ve passed your test that help improve your driving, either Pass Plus or an Advanced Institute of Motoring course. These courses are looked favourably on by insurers and they could lower your premiums.

In order to get on to the road quickly, you can be added to your parents’ car insurance policy.

Avoid buying luxury cars as young driver car insurance is extremely high for these cars.

You could get cheap car insurance by doing extra training.

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Harley Salvage Motorcycles for Sale

Have you ever wanted to purchase a motorcycle?  If you are into motorcycles I am sure you would want a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.  But the problem with Harley Davidson for the normal consumer is that these bikes are very expensive.  Especially if you want a bulky fully decked out version.  Of course you may like to look at the entry level Harley.  But even these bikes are on the pricey side.  Knowing this what other options do you have.

Buying used is another option for purchasing a Harley Davidson.  Their are a lot of Harley Davidson owners that have older bikes that they have just grown out of.  Or the owner just can’t ride anymore.  Some cases you may even find a bike where, sorry to say, the owner has just past away. In these cases you may find a late model Harley that is in perfect condition that you can get for a great price.

Another option is to go the salvage way.  Salvage Harley Davidson bike are bikes that have either been in an accident or have been damaged in some way.  This could be from flood damage.  Be sure to find out what happened to the bike before buying.  Some of these salvage bikes are not able to get repaired.  They just may have too much damage and would cost to much to get them back on the road.  In that case you could use the parts to bring another Harley back to life.  But in some occasions you will find a salvage Harley that just does not need so much to get it back running.  It may be the case that the salvage Harley is a recovered stolen bike and the insurance company worked out a deal with the owner to get a payoff of the bike.  Now, the insurance company is just trying to get the bike off of its books.  This is a perfect opportunity for you the consumer.  The bank is motivated to release the bike at a significant discount.  You just have to know how to put in a bid that the bank will accept.

Auctions are another option for finding Harley Salvage For Sale.  Sites like eBay has a number of salvage Harley that are ready for purchase.  Once again it is about producing the right price to get your hands on the bike.

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Car Insurance

Insurance is a kind of a preparation plan where in you protect yourself, loved ones, and properties in event of disasters, accidents, calamities and other unpredictable happenings. that might occur. It is a protection in form of premiums payments you make to an insurance company who in turns will bear the risks you once have borne and will guarantee to take care of everything in cases calamities, burglary, accidents and other unforeseen events

Car insurance as the name suggest is an insurance you take  for your car so that incase of  road accidents you may be compensated for  any expenses and injury your might have incurred. There are many types of car insurance plan where in each plan is tailor made for specific requirements and needs of the customer. Theft of car, effects of typhoons and earthquakes, body injuries sustained, property damages and loss are just a few of incidents that are covered by the car insurance. The premiums of the insurance will depend on the kind of car being insured, the kind of driver/owner of the car and the location where your car is. In other words risks will play an important role in the amount of insurance premium. A more expensive and high risk car will definitely command higher premium payments from the owner as compared to a cheaper and safer vehicle. In the same way a younger and more inexperience driver will have to pay higher premiums to an insurance company than an older and more experience one since the risk involve for an older driver is much less than n the others because of  his inexperience in driving. An insurance company will put a higher premium rate on someone who lives in disaster prone areas than someone who resides in a safe and secure community.

There are four main factors that keep your car insurance premium down. One is, to consider buying cars that are in the good list of car insurance companies. Cars that are expensive are more at risk of stolen. Aside form that  insurance are also based on the value of your car, so the more expensive it is, then the higher the premium you pay. Remember car insurance company knows what cars are prone to accidents and other risks. They also know what kind of cars is prone to higher risk and the higher risk it has the higher your premium rate is.

Another factor is insurance companies offers discounts for many reasons like, being a good student, you have more than one car insured. and other specific discounts.

Third is lesser use of car means lesser premium payments for insurance. Drivers who go to long distances to get to work daily will pay more premium rate. And on the other hand, if you are the type of person who uses your car only on weekends or on shorter distances then you will likely incur lesser amount on insurance premiums. And fourth is if you are a careful and experience driver you are likely to be given discounts on your insurance premiums.  Your age, sex, marital status and driving record will all be taken into account when you buy insurance for your car. A driver who is prone to accidents and traffic violations means higher risk for the company that’s why they would charge him higher premiums. Accident rates are believed to be higher among below 25 year old drivers so they will pay more.

Understanding the simple basic of car insurance will help you choose the right kind of insurance policy that will take care of your needs in case you get involve in an accident. It is always good to be prepared rather than be caught unaware and risk paying thousand of dollars in times when you yourself needs that amount. .

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What Is The Average Cost Of Car Insurance?

How much do the majority of people shell out for auto insurance? That is a hard question to answer. It is based for the most part on where you reside, instead of on the type of auto you own, as many believe.

City dwellers or people in urban areas need to spend more than those who reside in the country. There will be a greater chance of an accident if there is more traffic on the road.

Insurers use many factors to determine premiums including how old the driver is, but their main concern is the probability of actually having to pay a claim.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners put together a report stating the typical cost of auto insurance dropped by 1 overall.Seven percent in 2006. Recent reports cite the ten states with the highest premium costs as well as the ten least expensive states to live relative to the cost of auto insurance. There is definitely a considerable difference between the low and high.

In DC, the typical expense is $1,164 each year. The average in North Dakota is $530, which is less than 50%. States with the lowest insurance rates are Iowa, South Dakota, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and North Dakota – so keep that in mind when you’re moving. You can obtain a comprehensive car insurance policy at an average annual rate of less than $600 a year in all of these states.

The average cost of homeowner’s is higher in North Carolina, because of frequent hurricane damage along the coast,but, just as a point of interest. How much more things cost in a specific area is just one of the things to mull over before making a move.

Nevada, Delaware, Florida, New York and New Jersey are some of the states that have the most expensive rates. Costs in these states run more than $1000 annually. The amount you’ll could vary a lot if you live only a few miles apart. The state average rate is driven up by cities with higher rates

Just two years ago, people residing in Detroit could expect to pay over five thousand dollars a year for auto insurance. However, the median amount statewide was under $1000. Michigan is big in size, possessing a lot of rural regions. If you live out in the countryside your premiums will be lower than in a populated area such as Detroit.

Which businesses sell the majority of auto insurances? Knowing what companies provide the most insurance in the United States might be interesting for you. The trio of largest insurance companies are State Farm, Allstate and Progressive with AFLAC running close behind. If you go on the internet you can do a comparison of the rates charged by the top three insurance companies with very little effort.

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A Definition of Third Party Motor Car Insurance

It is law in this country, as specified by the Road Traffic Act, that all road users are covered by a certain minimum level of insurance. If there is an incident involving you, another person if they were driving your vehicle or the registered owner of the vehicle, third party car insurance will give you cover for any claim that may be made against your insurance. Third party cover or a higher level does actually provide more protection than the law requires and this can be as basic as third party only, third party, fire and theft or comprehensive.

If an incident occurs and you are at fault and have to admit blame then your insurance cover will pay out any sums of money that are granted to the people who are the ‘third party’ that may have died or been hurt or their property has been written off, damaged or similar. Also included in this would be the injured party’s and your own legal fees.

However, there can be confusion and the matter does become more complicated if you happen to be a passenger in your own car being driven by somebody else. If the person driving your car has your permission to do so, then they are protected by your policy instead of you. Those who are insured to drive on your policy will be listed, for example, passengers, employees, named drivers. If you were to be injured because the person you have allowed to drive your car has driven badly and caused an accident then you are well within the law to be able to make a claim for compensation from this driver. Your third party insurance would, in this case, reimburse the driver of your vehicle and not you, but in turn, you would be able to make a claim and more than likely be successful, in winning damages on your third party cover against the driver of your car. Remember though that this does work both ways if in the case above the driver was injured, or worse, killed then your insurance company would not be liable.

Unfortunately, it is insignificant who was actually driving because, under this clause of the cover, you cannot claim for any damage caused to the car.

If as does often happen, a thief steals your vehicle and goes on to crash your car causing damage to it and possibly others then under this part of the policy you will be protected as the owner of the vehicle against any claims of injury or damage caused by the thief. On the down-side, the owner of the vehicle, even though it is very unfair, will lose their no claims bonus due to a scenario which is completely out of their control and can never be expected before it happens.

We have to remember that these guidelines are set out and are the law and at the end of the day, the objective is to protect the innocent party who may bear the brunt of physical injury or damage to their property which may well be caused by a stolen car. The chances of any car thief being able to pay for any such damage is remote, which therefore, does actually justify, the innocent party being able to claim on your car insurance policy.

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All About The Different Kinds Of Motorcycles

The experience on bikes is one of the most remarkable experiences it suits and caters to the needs of both the adults as well as kids. The choppers these days are one of the best sought experiences thus attracting most of the crazy bikers. These days there are more number of people getting attracted towards the choppers and the bikes. These days there are motorcycles available in different styles and design each of them offering with the performance characteristics so as to accommodate the specific riding conditions. This article will help you understand the different characteristics of the different categories of the bikes.

Street bikes

The street motorcycles these days are available with all the necessary equipments so that they can be street ready. They are well equipped with the lights, mirrors, horns and even a muffler. The tires of the street bikes possess a tread pattern that allows them to have good traction on both wet as well as dry roads. Street motorcycles are available in two general forms of touring motorcycles as well as cruisers. The touring motorcycles are the ones that are specially designed for the long- distance travels, they offer the distinctive features like the fairings, aerodynamic wind guards that are wrapped around the headlights so as to enhance the styling and reduce drag, they are also available with the other amenities that render them to be the appropriate long distance vehicles like the saddlebags and even a comfortable passenger seat. The cruisers on the other hand do not possess fairings and they intend to offer you with a more laid back look. These bikes are built with the features of swept back handlebars, low seats and even the casual riding positions along with the forward set foot pegs.

Sports bikes

They have been designed so as to handle the high speeds and even the feature of winding roads. They have the ability to offer more power with the help of the multi cylinder engines; hence they are capable of providing more power. The aluminum alloy frames and the stiff suspensions have the capability to improve handling, high grip tires and even they provide the powerful brakes.The sports bikes render the bikers to allow them to lean forward over the gas tank so as to reduce the wind resistance. In the other bikes the people are made to sit straight unlike the sports bike wherein they rest on the gas tank.

Naked bikes

Like the sports bikes the naked bikes offer the same performance but the naked bikes are ripped off with the aesthetics. The unnecessary body work is completely taken off. The naked bikes are also referred as the street fighters in Europe.


They are also referred as the standards; they have the same appearance as the Universal Japanese Motorcycle. They were built in the 1970s. The UJM was also considered to be an all purpose bike and even the standards of today offer the same versatility and straight forward design.

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Mini Rc Cars

Did your heart ever palpitate for fast driving? Did you ever imagine your hands controlling an extremely speedy car? I f so, then you should definitely have the gravity and real charm of mini RC cars.

Mini RC cars have climbed up to the top position in the chartbusters of favorite pastimes or hobbies. These extremely speedy and exciting mini RC cars offer a complete time period of fun, frolic and excitement, during small and restricted arenas of racing. Since the mini RC cars are quite small in size as argued by their title, the mini RC cars can be easily designed and masterminded in your rooms or garages. However, one should not get fooled down by seeing the outer appearance of a minute sized mini RC car- alternatively the impact of the size has no impacts over the unbelievable range of it is speed, which at times touches over 20 mph. Read more articles Cars For Sale – Car Auctions Online – Used Car Auctions What To Expect At Your First Used Car Auction Car Aution Websites Reviewed – a List of the Top Three Car Auction Websites 10 Important Things About Repossessed (Repo) Car Auctions You Must Know !

Small balance cars or fairly the so termed mini RC cars are however not very new to that world. In the the first part of 90′s, Kyosko introduced the BAJA bugs and Tamiya the Tamtech cars. Unfortunately enough, provided the advancement of technology, these cars lost popularity and market value in the market.

However today, the scenario has drastically changed. Due to lack of adequate space and the heavy expenses of racing, these kinds of mini RC cars provide a suitable alternative. Mini RC cars can in reality quench the thirst and excitement of a car race lover. Four to six of these mini RC cars can race among themselves within small arenas of a garage or a pitiful street.

Today KYOSHO MINI-2 and HPI MICRO RS 4 RT4 experience gained immense popularity in the wide market of mini RC Cars. Besides these types of mini RC cars, the market of mini RC cars additionally comprises of SUPER MICRO MINI RC cars.

All these types of several types of mini RC cars, turn mini RC cars to a more exciting, interesting, nail-biting and variable item

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Antique Cars

The general definition of antique cars in the United States refers to cars that are over twenty five years old and those driven before the world war two but in the United Kingdom they refer to cars that are almost one hundred years old and also known as veteran cars. Antique cars are also known as classic cars and date way back to when the motorized system included the manufacture of auto mobiles. According to the American Classic Car Club, antique cars refer to distinctive automobiles. The club rates the classic cars to full classic and CCCA classic. The antique and classic term meant that the cars were very expensive and very few people were able to afford them, this made their production be in small numbers. 

Some of the factors that accord cars the antique status include the general and distinctive luxurious accessory  and custom coachwork features such as the power clutch, the power brakes and an automatic  or “one shot”  lubrication system and the engine displacement. The twenty five year or more time frames of the antique cars is quite astonishing since the modern cars can have a half of that life span. This rare and long survival makes the antique cars not be used for regular transportation as it is very expensive to maintain. However, due to the prestige that comes with this type of cars, most people many antique cars are kept  restore, collect and own antique cars as a hobby or as an art collection or for commercial purposes.  

Initially antique cars were propelled with steam and they were horseless carriages which could move at a speed of 12mph when going up hill and on level roads. The steam engine saw a major but gradual development over the years and by 1860 the antique cars had an internal combustion engine. The four stroke engine became characteristic with the next set of antique cars but was quickly overtaken by Benz which had a tabular chassis which was framed and had three wheels. The styles used on antique cars may vary but most of them have removable headlights, trunks fenders and headlights. In addition they have a grill treatment which is vertical in nature. Some examples of antique cars include Kaiser-Frazer, pierce arrow, 1910 Ford Toure and Duisenberg.  

Antique cars do not normally have safety related features such as roll over protection, seat belts and crumple zones. In addition most of these cars still use the ancient and outdated standards of vehicle handling. This is mainly in the performance of the brakes, suspension and steering of the car and this therefore demands that one is highly alert and aware when driving to avoid any accidents. In some countries the use of antique cars for daily transportation is either prohibited or discouraged. Most antique cars qualify for the motor shows due to their originality and traditional designs. Some owners refuse to fit in seatbelts or redesign their antique cars so as not to make them lose their originality.

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Fastest Exotic Cars

Exotic cars are probably the most fascinating thing about the car world. These cars definitely do not go for cheap; in fact, they are very expensive. So expensive most people don’t even think about saving up for such a dream. Perhaps it’s the price that makes it so attractive? Or maybe the scarcity? The looks? One thing that comes to mind when we think exotic cars or supercars is the performance! So let’s take a look at some of the fastest exotic cars on the market today.

1. Bugatti Veyron

Boasting 1000 horsepower, the Bugatti Veyron is the most powerful car on the market today – and the most expensive. It can hit 0-60 in only 2.5 seconds! The top speed goes over 250 mph. In fact, it’s so fast, you have to use a key to “unlock” the top speed. This is to prepare the car for the top speed; otherwise, it will fly off the ground! It’s literally that fast! This is definitely no cheap exotic car. It’s a limited production vehicle, and it’s not surprising to find one of these listed at $1 million USD. Read more articles Car shipping Opportunity for car retailers Global car dealers offer Used cars for sale by owner globally Exotic 1932 Ford Roadster Rental Car in Las Vegas, Nevada Exotic car rental services in the New York City

2. Ferrari Enzo

What can I say? It’s a Ferrari! It’s probably the most beautiful Ferrari to date. Like most exotic cars, this car comes with scissor doors. This is the first Ferrari to come with scissor doors. It was styled by Pininfarina. The Enzo can accelerate 0-60 in just 3.1 seconds! In fact, Ferrari was so impressed with the Enzo’s performance, they named it after the company founder. This also is no cheap exotic car. The MSRP was a very expensive $600,000 during its release in 2003. It’s not surprising to see this exotic car go for the $1-2 million USD price range these days.

3. Porsche Carrera GT

The competitor to the Ferrari Enzo. This is by the far the best looking Porsche. This exotic car can do 0-60 in just 3.6 seconds! The handling just goes to show you the wonderful engineering put into this car. With an MSRP of $450,000, this car isn’t cheap either! But it’s probably the best exotic car (and most expensive) coming out of Germany.

Honorable Mention

Chevrolet Corvette Z06

The Corvette Z06 is probably the best domestic car. It always ranks up or even outperforms the European exotic cars. The Corvette is probably the closest you’ll get to a cheap exotic car. Its 0-60 time is a whopping 3.7 seconds – beating well-known exotic cars like the Lamborghini Gallardo and Murcielago. What a wonderful car for domestic buyers!

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Build A Custom Motorcycle Without Going Broke

Building a custom motorcycle isn’t just something fun to do; it’s something that can consume your life! But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t consume your wallet in the process. If you’ve ever read the novel “Rebuilding the Indian,” you know how difficult it can be to try and build or rebuild a motorcycle from a hodgepodge of parts and pieces. Using custom motorcycle kits is a much less frustrating and less expensive way to build your custom dream bike.

Custom motorcycle kits don’t take all the fun and sport out of building a motorcycle. They just provide you with all of those pieces, parts, odds, and ends that you’re going to need to get your motorcycle together. You know the feeling you have when you realize that you need to run to Home Depot again for another thing to finish your home project? This realization often results in retiring to the couch and vowing to finish “tomorrow.” This is the scenario that custom motorcycle kits help you to avoid.

Read more articles Bmw’s Hp2 Megamoto to Arrive in Showrooms July

Using custom motorcycle kits doesn’t mean that you can’t add all kinds of custom chrome or aftermarket Harley parts. The opportunity to add all kinds of custom chrome and custom parts is half the fun of the building your own bike. Make your selection from the various custom motorcycle kits based on the overall features of the bike you like, then swap out mirrors here, a seat there, get an amazing paint job, and soon your custom motorcycle kit becomes a truly customized bike.

Before custom bike building became as popular as it is today, you would have had to get out the saw and the blowtorch and make your own custom motorcycle parts! Today there are so many aftermarket Harley parts, exhaust systems, wheels, and other motorcycle accessories that it’s easy to build your own custom bike without having to invest loads of money in equipment and machinery. The kit bike just makes things that much easier.

And no, there’s nothing about starting with custom motorcycle kits that is “wimpy.” The alternative is to put together a list of things that you need, and then go shopping for them all over town and on the internet until you’ve filled your list. You’ll have to decide whether you would rather have someone else put all the essentials into one box (custom motorcycle kits) or shop for everything yourself and build it from scratch.

The money wasted in mismatched parts that don’t work, the cost of gas from driving around town, and the cost of shipping parts from all over the country adds up! With a custom motorcycle kit, there is one purchase for all of your essentials, and then you can pick and choose any custom parts that you want to add or swap for a completely customized motorcycle.

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